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Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al Qaeda

DuPont Prize

Winner, duPont–Columbia University Award

This inside story of the birth and evolution of Al Qaeda, features previously unseen footage and the first-hand testimony of those who lived with or fought against its three leaders: Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.
An in-depth look at modern, Islamic radicalism, “Jihad: The Men and Ideas behind Al Qaeda” traces the ideas and influence of intellectuals and preachers like Sayed Qutb and Sheik Abdullah Azzam. This landmark documentary analyses Al Qaeda’s challenge to governments in the Middle East and the West and bin Laden’s strategy to “Cut the head off the snake”. From the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1940s to Islamic organizations today, the film offers insights and human interest from journalists, jihadis and intelligence analysts on the frontlines of the war against Al Qaeda. Almost all of them had one thing in common: they had met and dealt with Osama bin Laden.

The title alone suggests the series’s ambition … an attempt to look at the post-9/11 world as broadly and deeply as possible. It’s a worthy and worthwhile examination of the clash between Islam and the West.





Among The Righteous

Did any Arabs save Jews during the Holocaust? Seeking a response to that query, Middle East expert and author Robert Satloff set off post 9/11 on a personal quest to find an Arab hero. He hoped such a story would change the way Arabs view Jews, themselves and their own history. Satloff’s search for an Arab Schindler uncovered a vast, lost history of what happened to the half-million Jews of the Arab lands of North Africa under Nazi, Vichy and Fascist rule. ‘Among the Righteous’ tells the lost stories of survival, courage and betrayal in Arab lands during World War II.
‘Among the Righteous’ was broadcast internationally to major acclaim, including ARD (Germany) and Arte (France), and was awarded the prestigious Silver Plaque for Outstanding Documentary at the Hugo Awards.




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Clive Head: From Victoria to Arcadia

Clive Head has been described as “the most important artist you never heard of”. His maverick rejection of conceptualism challenged the mainstream art world of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Nicholas Serota. It has been said that Clive Head has “solved the problem the Cubist set”. Certainly his is a radical reinvention of the painting tradition. Superficially a photo realist, he chooses subjects like a London tube station or a Café Nero, but he is playing complicated games with perspective and vanishing points (or “zones” as he calls them).
In this film, which Bill Cran not only produced and directed, but also filmed, we follow Clive Head’s creative process from start to finish. We see Head immerse himself in the rush and bustle of London commuters, snapping photographs and dashing off sketches. Then he returns to the calm and quiet of his all-white studio in Yorkshire, where he begins the process that turns it all into art.
This 42 minute documentary is the first to explore the life and work of this enigmatic figure. The DVD for sale on Amazon includes a gallery of twenty works by Head, combining short interviews with the artist about each painting.


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